Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shaderlight Contest Entry

This is my rendering that I will enter into the current Shaderlight sponsored contest. The image must be a SketchUp model rendered in Shaderlight, which this is. It was created especially for the competition (all items were modeled for this image). There are over 1 million geometric edges in the 3D SketchUp file, and the final jpeg took three and a half days to render!

Depicted is New Year's Eve in a Vietnamese village. Everything is based on real life but the place is fictional and a combination of memories and research.

EDIT: see some current entries to the contest here.
EDIT #2: As of August 25, 3012, the Shaderlight people have received and are currently reviewing / judging entries.
EDIT #3: For your convenience, a link to the article about winning entries!