Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Times

Hello All, just a quick update from Europe. The Mapper-Modeler Conference in Zurich was a great success- we got to meet dozens of talented and passionate modelers and mappers in a fun and welcoming setting.

Too bad it ended so quickly! I continue my travels elsewhere and leave you with some impressions of my time at the conference.

Zurich is very clean. The Google office is like a giant playhouse for big (intelligent) kids. The curly sliding board going from upstairs into the kitchen was fun. It was nice meeting so many people who do the same kinds of things and so well. Good to meet my old SketchUp friends from the Boulder Conference of August 2009. Good to meet new ones and new mappers this time. Friendly faces, good times, nice meals of fondue and crusty rolls and macchiatos and the special orange squeezing machine. Dusty and Aidan (two organizers) were funny and did a good job. Thank you to them, to James Therrien and all other Googlers. Thanks to attendees for sharing your stories.

See you around the Island!

(Illustration by Cesar Moral)