Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa's Workshop

EDIT: Well the experiment was a success and Christmas has been saved by people all over the world. Santa's got a sweet new workshop including transparent windowpanes, a stack of gifts, snowmen, reindeer, flying letters to Santa, and the Aurora borealis.

Thanks to all who participated-- see you around the Island-- and Merry Christmas!

Santa's Workshop needs some help!

It's a place meant to magical, imaginative, and colorful-- but right now it looks so plain, and small (15 by 15 feet? Really?) Try your hand at expanding and improving Santa's North Pole workshop. What does it look like? Show us!

Keep an eye on the embedded model above for changes... and click the title of this post to see how the workshop has grown! (Go to the model page to access and see the history of changes in detail).

EDIT: BerylDrue made the first edit by adding candy canes (great minds think alike, Beryl). Here's what the model looked like before (now it's much better). How would you change it?
Version 7 (new stained glass windows!)

Version 6 (Ginger has a new friend and a new street sign)

Version 5 (new chimney, cookies/biscuits and snowfall for Gingerbread Man)

Version 4 (a major expansion and some snow-scaping!)

Spin-off version: Santa's Eastern Workshop

Version 3 (new roof, and geo-located to North Pole-- peek inside)

Version 2 (color and a new guest)

Version 1

Version 0