Monday, May 16, 2011

Newest Google Earth Super Modeler: TANTUNNY

Please welcome TANTUNNY, aka Weiyu Chen, to the ranks of the Super Modelers! He was chosen by the Google Super Modelers group for recognition as an above-and-beyond geo-modeling enthusiast.

TANTUNNY's 3D models for Google Earth are not only numerous and accurate representations of real-life places, they are also beautiful and evocative 3D images with a distinct "mood." (See example above).

Congratulations TANTUNNY/Weiyu!

* "Super Modeler" is a term coined in the Google Geo group and designates amateur 3D modeling enthusiasts who create 3D building models for Google Earth.

Anyone in the public can easily learn to be a geo-modeler! Exceptional geo-modelers are often recognized as "Super Modelers." The Super Modelers group chooses new members. Super Modelers are an informal group allied with, supported by, and even rewarded by Google.