Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Model: It's RAW! (Still)

I've been working on this model of Chef Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen TV studio / restaurant in Culver City, California on and off for months-- hoping to get it done before tomorrow's US series premier of Hell's Kitchen season 10. Not happening!

But-- I am posting some screen shots of what's done so far. Since the real building is found in sunny southern California the architecture allows for some hybrid indoor/outdoor spaces-- hence the transitional interiors. Hope you like it. I'm trying to get this done within the week.

EDIT: With the official transfer of SketchUp to Trimble, and the announcement of auto-generated 3D cities for Google Maps, I'm not sure if I should continue work on this model, with the objective of getting it on Google Earth. Certainly Los Angeles will be one of the first cities to experience "Autopocalypse™" (I'm not totally against it, actually interested in it-- but all the same, it's weird).

Anyway this model, ironically, demonstrates exactly what the new models won't be able to with partial interiors, etc. I thought people would have fun looking around the insides a bit. I'll have to do some serious thumb-twirling and think this one over before continuing...

Hall to contestants' lounge

Hall to contestants' lounge II

Contestants' lounge minus patio furniture