Friday, January 1, 2010

Ways To Explore SketchUp Island

Just a quick post about the Island... as a young blog, a significant percent of the Island's visitors are new viewers.

Since there is so much good stuff to look at, I'd like to point out ways you can easily explore the blog.

These exploration options are found in the side column or beneath each post:
  • Recent comments. Jump to any comment with one click.
  • Archive. Click on the archive if you'd like to browse all archived posts.
  • Search boxes. This will point you to your query results here on the blog, on items linked to and from the blog, and on the web.
  • Labels. Found below each post and in the side column, labels group posts by category (example: "SketchUp Island Adventures")
  • Subscribe. Keep up-to-date with new posts and comments by subscribing to the feed or by adding our gadget to your iGoogle home page.
  • Reader Comments. Often readers leave remarks, news, and links to items of interest. Click on "comments" below the posts or leave your own. No spam, please!
  • Blogs and Feeds of Interest. Run out of things to read here? Then check out some of my favorite blogs and feeds, constantly updating in the side column.