Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear SketchUp Island: Street View Imagery Texturing

Dear SketchUp Island:  I hear that SketchUp version 7 has the ability to texture using Street View imagery. Is this true? How do I use it? Signed, Street Smart in Bellmore, NY

Dear Street Smart: Smart you are indeed! Google Street View imagery can be used to texture SketchUp models in a few easy steps.

First, select a building to model in the normal fashion on Google Earth, but make sure it is in a location with Street View images (click the Street View icon in the side menu).

Next, import the terrain in the normal fashion into your SketchUp file. This is important because it geo-locates the proper Street View imagery.

Then begin modeling like normal. When you feel you have a wall that is the proper shape, right-click it and in the context menu choose "Get Photo Texture."

This is the special part: a Street View photo window will open within SketchUp that includes a set of red pins. Now it is a matter of locating the relevant wall in the Street View photo and positioning the red pins to the corners of that wall. Select "Done" and the imagery will appear on the correct wall in your model!

For more help on this and all SketchUp topics, visit the handy Help Forums and Tutorials found in the SketchUp Help section (links found on SketchUp official web pages).