Monday, November 9, 2009

I Won Something Part II

Hello Everyone. A while back, I won something and announced it prematurely by accident (oops, sorry!). So today, I can announce it officially because it was posted HERE at the Monopoly City Streets blog and HERE at the Google SketchUp blog.

What did I win? I entered a competition to design a new building with SketchUp, to be used in game play for the Monopoly City Streets online real estate trading game. I made and submitted about a dozen buildings, and the one pictured won second prize. It's called Revolving Restaurant and it is a tower with a blimp attached.

The Hasbro artists refined the design and did an imaginative rendering as seen in the illustration (I love the shiny chrome top reflecting the sky and blimp-- this can be seen during game play). You can see the original model by me below:

My prize is the inclusion of this building in the online the Monopoly City Streets game. There you can buy and trade this building along with many others, including the two additonal winners. Thanks to Hasbro, Monopoly, SketchUp, and Google for sponsoring the contest!