Saturday, March 5, 2011

Newest Super Modeler Welcome

In December and January the "Super Modelers"-- an informal, international group of Google Earth geo-modeling enthusiasts, of which I am part-- attempted a new polling system to add new members to their group. We got one new member, Tang Huang, but somehow the polling system got a few kinks, and we reverted back to a less formal acceptance process.

Please welcome Auquicu, aka Jorge de Albertis, winner of last year's Google Model Your Town Competition and the natural choice as our latest Super Modeler!

Jorge's 3D model collections page on the Google 3D Warehouse site will now feature the gold badge all Super Modelers are awarded. Also he'll have the privilege of all our lovely company on the lively Super Modelers Google Group site.

In the past Super Modelers have been treated to nice gifts and gestures of thanks like Google T-shirts in the mail, and a Google Earth calendar, and even in 2009 invitations to the Google Boulder office for a two-day conference and get-together. I was there. It was fun!

If you think you might be Super Modeler material, let Google know. Who knows, maybe you'll be next. Just nominate yourself here!