Sunday, December 4, 2011

Donostia - Iglesia de San Vicente (2011) by Peterg

Starting today I'd like to use the blog to feature models I think are pretty cool.

After all I started off my amateur SketchUp "career" as a collector and organizer of models on the Google 3D Warehouse (I became known, apparently, as 'The Librarian' at the Google Geo office in Boulder, Colorado).

So the first model I'd like to feature is this one by Peterg aka gipuzkoa3D.

What I like about this model is its feeling of completeness and solidity. Probably I'll use the same terms over and over again in future comments on future models.

I like how the textures blend from one surface to another as if they are one material, like in real life. I also like the way Peter presented his model-- nice and close and set at an angle to show it off to all who see it on the the 3D Warehouse.

Because Peter's SketchUp window was shaped to about a 5:3 ratio, the model preview image uploaded with the same ratio-- kind of boxy-- maximizing the use of the available height in the preview window (models uploaded from a widescreen such as 16:10 or 16:9 tend to appear short because of the height difference in the wider ratio).

This model is included in the following 3D model collections: My Favorite Thumbnails, Place of Worship

For inclusion in any of my model collections, please refer to this link. Thanks!