Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beryl the Builder

Meet Beryl the Builder.

Beryl Reid will be one of our judges this Halloween in the pumpkin carving contest. Be sure to enter a pumpkin design by October 24 so that Beryl can check out your work!

Asked about herself, Beryl writes
My interests [are] Art, Photography, SketchUp, Genealogy, teaching, paper sculpture, learning new things... the usual. I just found out that I am going to be a grandmother, so that's taking front runner in the interests list right now. I am a Google Certified Teacher too, I teach Google World to my school system. I was trained by Google in Boulder this summer, now I am set forth to spread the word of all the great apps created by Google. My little "Literary Landmarks" collection of buildings is now featured on Google "Lit Trips", which I am very proud of and I live in Massachusetts.
PS. She's called "Beryl the Builder" because of the number of quality 3D models she has built on Google Earth. Check them out HERE. She did a couple pumpkins, too! Last but not least, congratulations on your good news, Beryl.