Monday, October 26, 2009

WINNERS of the Pumpkin Carving Contest

Congratulations to the top three winning pumpkin-carvers in the SketchUp Island carving contest! The judges have spoken and...

Gold Medal goes to Aerilius in Germany who created the menacing "Snarling Pumpkin" who is biting another pumpkin.

Silver Medal goes to Cathy Tritschler of France whose terrible ogre pumpkin swallows the Earth on its tongue while looking scary at the same time.

Bronze Medal goes to Tobias Merk, whose Rübengeist is not a pumpkin at all, but a fodder beet. Says Tobias of his carving, "we have a very similar custom in Germany or more specifically in Bavaria where I'm from. Instead of pumpkins our children use fodder beets for making little ghosts, which should scare away evil spirits. We call these carved beets "Rübengeister"

Excellent work everybody. All three winners will appear in the header art of this blog in the week leading up to Halloween. Additionally, Igloo Studios has donated a year's subscription and a month's subscription to their School Pro website for First and Second Place winners respectively.

Thanks Mike and Alex at Igloo Studios, and thank you judges (Beryl, Jennie, Addie, Alex, Eryne, Dawn, Zack, and Mike), thank you Aidan Chopra for donating pumpkins to carve, thank you John Wilkes for providing entertaining pumpkin fiction, thanks Tasha at Google for blogging about this, and thanks to the many other people who submitted pumpkins. Did I leave anyone out?

I hope you all had some fun. Peace out.