Friday, October 16, 2009

Model Me Minnesota Model Mega-Complicated

Hi SketchUp Islanders

So I've been sitting on a number of nice models which for one  reason or another I just haven't gotten around to publishing them.

Here's a sneak peek at one that's about two years old! Click the image for larger view. this was done using the "model me" kits put out by Google.

In this case, the State Capitol of Minnesota was photographed from all angles one winter's day by some good person and then the photos were published as a Picasa web album. A marker was placed at the appropriate location and uploaded as a SketchUp file. Then I took those materials and made this model.

I ran into some issues. Edges not forming closed loops, and faces not dividing when they should. I think I need to reduce the complexity. Maybe I'll start over and import the textures and certain pieces of geometry into the new model. In the meantime I've begun other new models which will go out first.