Saturday, October 10, 2009

SketchUp Island Adventures #7: Eloi Raiol

This week's SketchUp Island Adventure takes us into the world of Eloi Raiol, high in the canopy of the jungle...

After a successful hunt in which three particularly vicious SketchUp Island pumpkins were rounded up and turned into pies and soup (enough to last weeks into the winter), I found myself feeling quite full and in need of a walk to shed some of those extra pounds.

I turned my nose in the direction of the forest and stepped into the cool air beneath the trees. Suddenly I heard a terrible snarl behind me and to the right. I froze and then ever-so-slowly twisted my head around to see what it was. Just as I feared: a giant, vengeful pumpkin. I took a deep breath and I ran for my life!

The pumpkin was close at my heels. It snapped and caught at my ragged pant cuffs. I broke free. Then I found myself cornered in a half-circular enclosure with smooth dirt walls, surrounded by tall trees hanging with vines. I could not reach the vines. The pumpkin closed in on me, and I closed my eyes and covered my face with my arms...

Then SWOOSH! I felt myself being lifted by the arms, sailing, flying, through the trees and up, up, up! Safely on a branch, I opened my eyes and beheld another SketchUp Islander I had never seen before.

Hello, Fellow Islander. Who are you and what do you do? And thanks for the lift into the trees here!

I am Eloi Raiol, I am a retired sergeant of Military Police of my state. I make 3D models of all that I find interesting in the world, and I can picture enough to make a good model. The Media helps me to choose some modeling subjects. For example: I saw on TV a story about the earthquake in Italy, when I saw the location in Google Earth I became interested in making the model of the Castle d 'Aquila.

Speaking of that, it's a great view you have from up here in your tree-house. Had I known about it on Google Earth I would have visited sooner! So, how do you imagine Google Earth and geo-modeling will be used in the future?

Currently, with it you can see buildings or monuments in the world with much more realism and detail. In the very near future, certainly we will be choosing places to go in a 3D world, for instance how to choose a seat in a stadium, theater, and other places, with the assurance that we will see the best angle and not lose anything.

Good point! Do you mind if I look around your really awesome tree house? In the meantime you can ask yourself a question and answer it.

"Why did I begin geo-modeling?" First I always wanted to do something in 3D. And when I saw the possibility of having a model of mine used worldwide in Google Earth, I fell headlong into modeling and never stopped doing it!

This house is just great. So, why do you live in a tree? Is it to keep safe from the giant pumpkin?

I live in a tree because I like the height and I can see further, not to mention the feeling of the wind in my face is magnificent! (I used to work in the police helicopter).

Well, that's great Eloi. Thanks for chatting and... do you mind if I stay up here a while, until the pumpkin leaves? I think I can still see him down there...