Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/09: A Special Day

Today is a special day because toymaker Hasbro has announced the release of a new, massive multi-player version of its Monopoly board game.

Google Maps is the game board! It is called Monopoly City Streets and will be available for play for four months, beginning today.

Instead of traditional properties like Park Place and Pennsylvania Railroad, using Google Maps players will "acquire" real life streets anywhere in the world, and compete against other online players.

See the blog, called Monopoly City Streets, here. Read a BBC News article about it hereThanks to blog viewer Auquicu in Peru for pointing out this story!

UPDATE: Apparently response has been so good, that the servers crashed! They are in the process of fixing it. Once fixed you can sign up at the website which is In the meantime check out my other post involving a SketchUp design contest related to the new Monopoly game.