Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Hang In There, Baby" With Nick Oberg Part 1

Blog viewer and Super Modeler Nick Oberg shares with us a 3-part look at the evolution of some of his models. He calls the series "Hang In There Baby" why? Because it can be frustrating when you've only done your first model (third, tenth, etc.) and other people's models look so great, and it all seems beyond your own capabilities. So, "hang in there" and keep in mind everyone starts somewhere before they attain greatness. Now I'll hand it off to Nick:

Hello, on the 3D Warehouse I am known as 'SittingDuck', but elsewhere I am known as "Nick". I make models in Antwerp, Belgium and when I started modeling I really sucked at it. Thanks to a lot of practice and some very helpful tips from friends and other modelers, I like to imagine that my ability has improved over the last 2 years. Here [is an example] of my models that demonstrate improvement:

Major improvements in each case were as follows:

  • Correcting height of the model using information from internet.
  • Fixed lighting by taking photos on sunny days at correct time.
  • Removed all 'paintbucket' textures.
  • Used Google Earth imagery for roof textures.
  • Added finer and more accurate detail.
  • Took more photos of model to make sure no face was missed out.
  • Moved model onto model footprint.
Thanks, Nick. Viewers stay tuned for more "before and after" looks at Nick's models in the future.