Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SketchUp Island Volcano Erupts, Cools: Adds New Territory

Dear SketchUp Islanders:

The great SketchUp Island volcano has blown its top and now the lava flow is cooling down and solidifying in the ocean. As a result the Island is growing larger.

In the first week of SketchUp Island's existence there was an influx of visitors. Now we are at a steadier, more "loyal" pace, with still new visitors and castaways marooning on the Island but with return marooners coming more frequently and spending more time. (Apparently they escaped, not knowing that the evening tides pull them back, anyway).

It is my pleasure to announce that the Island has grown so large that seventy (70) nations and territories are represented in the visitor statistics and in the USA, thirty of the nation's fifty states as well have crashed their boats here either intentionally or by accident.

Now that it is a little more quiet, I have been noticing sounds in the night. I thought I heard some rough voices and that song... "yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!" And some bottles breaking... and ribald laughter... and a squawking parrot. But maybe I imagined these things. I've been known to get dehydrated. In any case... keep a sharp eye.

I think there may be pirates on SketchUp Island...