Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear SketchUp Island: Editing A Model; Rejected Models

Dear SketchUp Island: What is the appropriate way to edit a model I have already uploaded? Should I make a new model and delete the old one? --Perfectionist in Malaysia

Dear Perfectionist: It's great that you are re-editing your models to improve them. But please, don't do it the way you've been doing! This can confuse the 3D model acceptance pipeline (for Google Earth) and cause pandemonium for you and your models. The proper way to edit an already existing model is to download it from the 3D Warehouse using the "edit model" link found on your own model's preview page. Do your edits in SketchUp and then re-upload. Don't delete any models. Don't duplicate any models. Just download from the link, edit, re-upload. Hope that helps!

Dear SketchUp Island: My 3D Building is perfect but it has been rejected for use on Google Earth. What do I do???? --Frustrated in Latin America

Dear Frustrated: Smooth your furrowed brow and take solace in this advice. At the bottom of every model preview page is a "3D Buildings Review" section, where the status of your model is posted. This could be accepted to the 3D buildings layer, awaiting review, or rejected. The process is mostly accurate, but not always. If you feel the reasons for rejection were inappropriate, there should be a link called "Tell us why we're wrong." Click that and tell the Googlers what the mistake was. It should be remedied soon enough!