Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Viva la Evolution!

Blog viewer and fellow "Super Modeler" SittingDuck has sent in his response to the post where I displayed my first ever SketchUp model. In the illustration we can see the time and care that SittingDuck has put into this very first model of his.

SittingDuck writes:

Sending this in reaction to your post about your very first model: 
Being someone with very little patience I often finish off a model as quickly as possible, and as a result it always has one or two flaws left unaddressed. This leads me to making 2-3 iterations of any given model. I don't do that as much these days, but I sure did way back when. Observe the evolution of my first model in the first attached image. Unfortunately I don't have the very first version anymore, which, like your florist's shop, had no textures.
I have many more of these before/after cases if you are interested to see them, just say.
Good work on the blog, it has already become my favorite (no joke) to follow.

Thanks, SittingDuck! And yours are some of my very favorite SketchUp models. I'd love to see more of your before/after renderings and I'm sure others would too. Wouldn't they???