Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Hang In There, Baby" With Nick Oberg Part 2

New to SketchUp? Looking to start your second or third model? Are you a Pro looking for some inspiration? Then look no further. Nick Oberg, geo-modeler extraordinaire and fellow SketchUp Islander is back from his Belgian coconut hunt. Here he offers us a second glimpse into the work process of a SketchUp genius. Nick has taken models that he was presumably proud of at one point, found faults himself, and improved them. Nick writes:

Hello, on the 3D Warehouse I am known as 'SittingDuck', but elsewhere I am known as "Nick". I make models in Antwerp, Belgium and when I started modeling I really sucked at it. Thanks to a lot of practice and some very helpful tips from friends and other modelers, I like to imagine that my ability has improved over the last 2 years. Here [is an example] of my models that demonstrate improvement:

Major improvements in each case were as follows:

  • Correcting height of the model using information from internet.
  • Fixed lighting by taking photos on sunny days at correct time.
  • Removed all 'paintbucket' textures.
  • Used Google Earth imagery for roof textures.
  • Added finer and more accurate detail.
  • Took more photos of model to make sure no face was missed out.
  • Moved model onto model footprint.

Notice in this model how geometric proportions have been re-examined and adjusted? Also textures have been cleaned up and unified. Higher contrast creates more visual interest and a believable "light source" in the details as well.

Thanks again, Nick. Get out your scopes and scan the horizon for the next boat. And if none are coming, at least we'll have part three of "Hang In There, Baby" with Nick Oberg to look forward to.