Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mannahatta: A Wooded Manhattan Minus Buildings

SketchUp Islanders accustomed to seeing a built-up 3D virtual New York City on Google Earth may enjoy this look at another island. Manhattan Island, New York, was known as Mannahatta in its natural state prior to European arrival and settlement.

From the Museum of the City of New York web site (

When Henry Hudson and a small crew of Dutch and English sailors rode the flood tide up a great estuarine river on the North American continent on September 12, 1609, they were looking for a passage to Oriental riches. Instead, they found something much more valuable. Mannahatta's natural wealth—the old growth forests, stately wetlands, rolling hills, abundant wildlife, people who lived in tune with nature—was prodigious and deep...

Mannahatta/Manhattan: A Natural History of New York City uses historic artifacts, maps, and multimedia presentations to give viewers a sense of the development of Manhattan from its original state to what it is today.

The show can be seen at the Museum of the City of New York for just a few more weeks, until October 12.