Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Hang In There, Baby" With John Wilkes

Welcome back to "Hang In There, Baby" with Nick Oberg-- a column about SketchUp modeling perseverance. Nick Oberg is out hunting Belgian coconuts for the day. Therefore today's column will be by John Wilkes of Dursley, England. John writes:

"The Evolution of a Model"
An early model was my local church in Dursley. I made the model first in an untextured version; then coloured it with 'paintbucket' textures. As more of my, fully photo-textured, models were accepted by Google, the church model looked out of place and in fact was removed from Google Earth. I then spent a day taking more photos and applying them to the church model. I think each of the three versions has a merit of its own.
Thank you, John Wilkes. If you would like to see more blog posts about John, please try the search feature located in the side column.
EDIT: John's university has featured an article about him. To read it while remaining on SketchUp Island, right click and open in a new tab here. Or just click it and leave me behind :(