Monday, August 31, 2009

A Look At My First Model: Samuel's Florist

In truth I don't remember what was, exactly, the first model I made, but this one was pretty close. It was definitely the first one that made it to the Google Earth "Best Of" layer. I believe it was also first to appear in Burbank, California.

The model is of Samuel's Florist where I used to work. I did it as a gift for my friend and former boss Donna. In the illustration you can see one of the earliest incarnations of the model, made before Google Earth supported photo textures. Pretty primitive, huh? Also I went nuts with the geometry-- too much. I even did the inside, pedestrians, and articulated foliage (borrowed component).

The current version (which appears on Google Earth) appears beneath the old model. Photo-textured, use of transparent PNG files for the foliage and canopy... much better don't you agree? It hardly looks like the same model.

I may try to re-model it with better photo textures some day (maybe using Street View?) and more accurate geometry. But for now, I like it as it is.

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