Thursday, August 27, 2009

SketchUp Island Adventures #2: NESUA (Néstor Suárez)

Today I was exploring mountainous regions of SketchUp Island I'd never seen before when I came across this fellow marooner, Néstor Suárez. Unfortunately, neither of us had eaten in three days, and so we went hunting for coconuts together. Here's what we talked about along the way!

Tell me about yourself, Fellow Marooner?

For those who don't know me, I'm Néstor Suárez, or "NESUA", as I'm known on the geo-modeling world. I'm a student of engineer computer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I help to model the buildings of my own country, just to work on something important and that I think has a great future.

Geo-modeling is in its infancy. Aside from being cool, many people don't know what it's for. What is your vision for the future direction and significance of geo-modeling (or 3D in general) to regular people?

I think geo-modeling is great because people can use it to visit a lot of places virtually before going, and it's a great way to stand out from the rest, the various entities can use it to showcase their facilities. Now at the present you can see some 3D in the GPS of cars, that shows some important buildings on the way as a guide. That adds a lot more reality than a linear and flat map!... I don't know what the future will bring us with the 3Ds but I think that this is the future of 3D modeling, the geo-modeling, and we are just starting with that.

Due to lack of hydration I am feeling faint just now... Ask yourself a question that you think should be asked and answer it until I can go on...

Why I started with this? I don't know exactly, but in the beginning I only want to put the building where I live in the Google Earth. I just wanted to try it, like a test to myself, and I did it! Why I continue if I had achieved my goal? Because I found that there were still many important sites [to] add, and above all, there was a previously unknown small community trying to do the same, that helps, assists, and gives you confidence and support to continue. And that is not found everywhere.

Goofy question: beach or mountain?

Mountain, I like so much the mountain air, being able to sit in a creek, walk to the top as a challenge and touch the snow, that makes me very happy.

I am glad Néstor likes the mountains and snow, because we were eventually able to locate and apprehend some coconuts, providing sustenance and hydration for some days to come. Thanks Néstor for sharing! See you around the Island.

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