Friday, August 28, 2009

Treat This Blog Like Cooties (Pass It On)

Just a quick note.

A request for your assistance actually. But first of all, thank you for caring enough to spend time on SketchUp Island. I'm flattered!

If you like the blog (as far as I can tell, some of you do for some reason) then pass on the message. Tell your friends who might like my weird blog all about it. Put the web address in your email footer. Beg relatives to share in your strange new habit of visiting SketchUp Island. Tell the postal man and the milk man and the baker. Teach your dog how to use the Internet and then tell him to look at SketchUp Island. Call up your old schoolteachers and tell them "I've made something of myself. I've BEEN to SketchUp Island." Stop your car in traffic and get up on the roof and tell the other drivers (no, don't do that, it's unsafe!) Next time you're in McDonald's, ask for the #1 Value Meal with SketchUp Island instead of fries. When the cashier says "um... I need to ask my manager about that..." tell them to tell the manager about SketchUp Island. Tell the manager to tell his district manager about SketchUp Island. At the bar, try out this pickup line: "Is that a twinkle in your eye? No? Hey check out this cool web site called SketchUp Island... WAIT! COME BACK!" When you dream, make sure you dream about SketchUp Island.

If you happen to be at the mall and you see Jon and Kate Plus Eight walking around, avoid them. I think they're going through some rough times, personally. The Crooked Houses were sort of like a metaphor, huh?

Anyway but tell the entourage of crazed fans around Jon and Kate all about SketchUp Island. Tell your Head of State. Tell your clergy. Tell your funny neighbor who doesn't ever talk to you.

OK, I think I've made my point. And once again thanks for stopping by. Now... Time to go hunt for some coconuts...