Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RSI (Really Short Interview)

Hi SketchUp Islanders,

Sometimes it feels lonely on SketchUp Island.   Therefore I have decided to do a series of what I call "RSI's" (Really Short Interviews) in which I will lightheartedly quiz members of the geo-modeling community about their experiences with SketchUp and geo-modeling and their views about the future of it all.

Sound interesting?  I hope it will be.  I mean-- how could it not be?  Maybe you'll be the next interview subject, so stay tuned...

By the way if any enterprising designer wants to design a little logo for the RSI that can be placed in the posts, feel free to send it in. Maybe I'll even use it.  Don't knock yourself out though.

EDIT: The series has been re-named "SketchUp Island Adventures" so keep an eye out for that starting October 2009.