Sunday, August 23, 2009

No SketchUp for YOU!

I like to see visuals along with writing. So, in the spirit of visuals, here is one of my latest models. This was created using "photo textures" from Google Street View.

One advantage of using Street View photos is that you are able to model buildings anywhere that Street View is available (in this case, Burbank, California, USA). During my earlier days on SketchUp Island, I had to actually visit the site I was modeling and take photos myself. Depending on the situation, sometimes I would get some funny looks.

"Why are you taking pictures of my restaurant?" I was asked once by an angry and suspicious business owner.

To his credit, I was squatting between two cars in the parking lot, trying to get a good photo texture of the lower front wall, when his car pulled into that very spot and I had to move out of the way. And naturally, I looked kind of suspicious. Really awkward. But to my own credit I had in fact checked it out with a waitress before taking pictures, but apparently her word didn't count so much.

After a little explanation of who I was (and what Google Earth was) his suspicion level dropped from 100 percent to only about 20-25 percent!

My one regret is that he forgot the many times I had enjoyed his greasy fried breakfast foods as a customer. I guess SketchUp Islanders look different when squatting between two cars with a camera pointed at your restaurant.