Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SketchUp Island Adventures #1: MILO Minderbinder

Another marooner has washed ashore on the Island. The first in my series of SketchUp Island Adventures (formally known as "RSI: Really Short Interviews")

So, who are you, fellow Marooner?

For those who don't know me, I am MILO Minderbinder, a Geo-modeler for Google Earth. I usually create buildings that are located in Miami Beach (because it's a wonderful place), but I sometimes build other things like a rice cooker, or an alarm clock. 

What role will geo-modeling play in the future of everyday people?

I think Google SketchUp will always be used for Geo-modeling for Google Earth. It's also helpful for architects and designers, but before you can use it, you first have to know it exists. And I think too little people actually know SketchUp. Most of the people won't even try it, because they think it will be just as tough to use as Adobe Photoshop (I'm the worst with Photoshop). But I guess 3D software has a great future, as it is already used in Hollywood; and whoever tries SketchUp, will be able to succeed in becoming a good modeler. Like we say in Dutch: Niet geschoten, altijd mis!

Ah, yes.  Ask yourself a vital question and answer it, please.

Nobody has ever asked me "Why is your nickname 'MILO Minderbinder?'" The answer to that question isn't that hard to answer, but it will require some history-digging. The first model I uploaded was the Fairwind Hotel, but I uploaded with the nickname 'Kaaskip' (means Cheesechicken). But I lost my password! So I created a new account with nickname MILO Minderbinder. MILO means Miami Lover. I never told anyone that before, except for the review I commented on the Fairwind Hotel by Kaaskip. And why Minderbinder? Milo Minderbinder is the main character in the novel Catch 22.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate of course! I love chocolate. In Holland you can't buy any good chocolate ice cream. The best chocolate ice cream I ever ate, was at Painter's Homemade ice cream in Myrtle Beach. Second best was Bruster's ice cream in Chesterfield (south of Richmond).

For anyone willing to try Google Sketchup; go ahead! it's free, so why not? I'm sure it'll catch on and you'll like it.

That's it!  Thank you MILO.  Who else would like to join MILO and me on the Island?

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