Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome and Thank You, Followers and Viewers

Just a short note to say thanks to the many people who have stopped by SketchUp Island from all over the world. Viewers from at least 55 different countries have had a look in the first week!

Also thank you to the special viewers who have selected the "follow" option in the sidebar. They are a small but growing group. Why not join them?

I want to call attention to the latest follower, Sidewalk Astronomers, which is a philanthropic group doing some fantastic things in the world of amateur astronomy, specifically "Sidewalk Astronomy." This means they go out into the public and share their telescopes with others so that everyone may see the starry skies up-close.

If astronomy, philanthropy, and public service are interests of yours, please check out their website:

Here you can find useful information on upcoming events, and even plans which teach you how to build a powerful telescope yourself at a low cost.

Again, thanks to everyone and-- see you around the Island.