Sunday, August 23, 2009

All the SketchUp Ladies: Put Your Hands Up

This has been alluded to in a past post or two, but... where are all the SketchUp ladies?

At the Super Modeler Conference in Boulder earlier this month, nineteen modelers from all over the world convened for three days of fun and discussion.  And every single one of them was male.  Every single one!

Now quite a few of the "Googlers" (Google employees) were female.  So this became a topic of conversation.  Why aren't more women creating geo-models with SketchUp?  We "men" discussed it like pros, tossing around our various theories....

Some felt it was more like women to want to interior decorate.  Not a lot of room for that on Google Earth.  Also discussed was the social aspect to modeling: building facades and exteriors aren't really about social space, usually.  Does that make geo-modeling (which is mostly facades and exteriors) a turn off for most women?

What would it take for more women to get involved in geo-modeling and the 3D Warehouse?  Are there any ladies out there on SketchUp Island?

More on this topic later...

The model seen at the top of the post is "Chapelle Saint Michel" by Cathy Tritschler, one of the prolific superstar 3D modelers who happens to be a lady. I've included it in some 3D model collections: My Favorite Models, Favorite Thumbnails, Place of Worship