Thursday, August 27, 2009

There Is A Cloud Over Lima, Peru

This week many parts the world woke to a pleasant surprise: the latest Google Earth satellite imagery push. The folks at Google were hard at work on that, so much so that they had to delay the normal 3D buildings release this week (but then they surged ahead and we'll have that push anyway!)

Argentinians blogged about how 80 percent of their nation was now available in luxurious high-res. Americans anxiously scoured the corners of their nation to see what was updated. But for an unfortunate few the imagery push was not what they hoped for this time.

Modeler and fellow SketchUp Islander Auquicu informs me that parts of Lima, Peru, were updated with older and lower res images. There was also an imagery shift that left many of the already-modeled 3D buildings slightly off to the side of their foundations, and last but not least... parts of the beautiful Peruvian coast which were previously clear, now include cloud cover in the satellite photos.

Sorry to hear you've had a bad day, Auquicu. I'm sure that updating imagery for Google Earth is a very complex process, and these things are bound to happen. Hopefully the kind people over at Google will notice soon and fix it!