Sunday, August 23, 2009

SketchUp Island: The Others

(...going along with my unintended TV-themed post title every time... and I don't even have TV!)

So, a few weeks back I was invited to the Super Modeler Conference that the Google office in Boulder, Colorado (USA) was so kind to host.  About twenty modelers from all over the world attended.  It was half work, half play, and the glass was always half full as far as I could tell.  We had a good time...

Let me back up. First I got an email from one James Therrien. I don't get out much. I'd never heard of "James."

Is this some sort of scam-- like the Nigerian Prince thing? what I was wondering. You never know. Not only that, but it sounded so outlandish. Google wants to fly me to Boulder Colorado for some fun times, flight, hotel and meals included... SUUURRRE.  And monkeys might fly out of my Push/Pull button.

Plumbing my considerable resources and connections, I discovered the true identity of "James Therrien of Google" which was... James Therrien of Google.

WOW!  it was real.  I was really being invited to spend a few days with Others.  I hardly knew there were Others on SketchUp Island.  I mean, once in a while I'd notice some noises, and this one time a coconut that I'd left on the beach seemed to have been moved.  I just assumed it had rolled in the wind, but then, I was thinking it was unlikely that a coconut could roll in sand... and uphill, too... but anyway... this is beside the point...

So, I went to beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  We signed non-disclosure agreements up to wazoo, naturally (I mean, they were inviting us right into the office!)  So I can't just disclose everything and anything I saw.  But I can say, it was fun, nice, and informative.  The end.

Just kidding.  Stay tuned for part 2 of my exciting Boulder adventure.